Planning your wardrobe for a photo sesssion can be overwhelming and can get tricky,

Wardrobe Guidance

Start by looking online, Pinterest, or my website and social media accounts to see past clients images for inspirations.  Once you have had a good idea of color and style that appeals to you, follow these steps to finalize your choices.

1. Choose 2 to 3 colors to work with.

2. Avoid logo's which can make the overall image look chaotic. however do not be afaird to wear your favorite patterns like stripes, polk-a-dots, floral, etc. However also avoid having everyone in the same color top and same color bottom. 

3. pick one person to focus on first.

4. coordinate your partner or other members of the family around that one person. Do try to pick out outfits for each person one at a time.  it is easier to add pieces when you aren't overwhelming yourself with too many choices at once for everyone.

for more one on one guide, please send me a message and i'll be happy to help you coordinate.